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How to seach flashcards?


I checked the website question section before posting this question. I have made a few flashcard sets to go with a book I've been studying with my tutor and people have selected them to use on SpanDict. People using the flashcards you make is very encouraging. My question is when I search for them I never come up with a list of them only one maybe two sets, when more should show up. Why does this happen? Does someone have to search under my username to find a set? Why can't they search by subject or word, like Richmond? Really love the site, this is the only thing that bugs me. Gracias y bien día.

updated MAY 20, 2011
posted by hombredehielo
I found the anser, just neede to list them. - hombredehielo, JUL 16, 2010

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Congratulations on searching for an answer before posting a question. That's one of our forum policies that is commonly ignored.

I'd just like to ask you about your terminology. When you say you search for your sets, what exactly do you mean? Are you entering your username into the search engine box? I believe that search engine only looks for words found in set titles.

There are several filters available for arranging vocabulary sets. Have you tried looking under My Sets (mis juegos)? How do you share your sets with your friends? Do you use the share services here? Do they fav your sets to find them? Have you tried faving your own sets?

To create a database of all set entries so that you could search by word would require tremendous storage space and present many problems. As you can imaging there are words used with different translations, different formatting, same words used in half a dozen sets, etc. I don't think you will ever see that level of search capability here. Nor is there a demand for it. If you want to know what a word means, look in the dictionary. You do not have to find a vocabulary set for that purpose. And if you entered a single word to locate a set you might get a list of several sets.

As you have probably seen even creating categories for vocabulary sets is extremely difficult.

updated MAY 20, 2011
posted by 0074b507
Why do you call My sets=mis juegos instead of mis grupos, it makes more sense to me. - Silvia, JUL 10, 2010

I found for myself a different answer to searching flash cards. At the beginning of creating a set you enter #1 the name, #2 diffuculty and #3 you select listed or unlisted. I had not listed my cards so I couldn't search them.

updated JUL 10, 2010
posted by hombredehielo
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