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Cerdo VS cochino when insulting someone


Lately it seems like cochina is used more for calling someone a pig and cerdo is more for just meaning a real pig, not as an insult. Is this right or are they both just interchangeable, or is one like a Spain and one is a Mexico word? Gracias.

updated JUL 5, 2010
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I prefer cochino simply because it has that great, hard sound CH in the middle. That makes it sound harsher. - Delores--Lindsey, JUL 4, 2010
You can seriously insult somebody and "jokingly" insult somebody by calling him cochino but to call someone a cerdo is always a serious insult. - 00813f2a, JUL 5, 2010

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In Cuba we use the masculine "cochino" and cerdo for pig and they can both be used as an insult also. (asqueroso)

updated JUL 4, 2010
posted by 00813f2a
I agree with Robertico. I don't think it is constrained to Cuba. - Gekkosan, JUL 4, 2010
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