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Hi, I just need to ask the most natural way to say some of these things. I find myself sounding too stiff in Spanish when I have to ask /explain these things because I don't know the colloquial way to say everything. Plus I like never get hispanic patients at this hospital so I don't get much practice. But I have had a few since growing leaps and bounds in my spanish, problem being sometimes I think I know more than I do! The way we say things in English sound stupid in Spanish half the time...

Let's see... first off, for a certain exam I usually have to say "Since we don't have stirrups on these beds, we use this cushion. Lay on the bed and then skooch onto it so it'll raise up your hips."

Usually it comes out something like "Ya que no tenemos estribos para estas camas, tenemos que usar un cojín. Acuestese en la cama y resbale hasta que/para que se levante las caderas." Correct that please! I use resbala for slide cuz it's about the same as skooch but if there's something better let me know.

"Most women tolerate this pretty well but if you're too uncomfortable let me know." "La mayoria de mujeres toleran este examen bien, pero si le siente demasiado incómodo, dejame saber." or "Usualmente se tolera bien este examen."?

And how do you say pregnancy test as in the thing you pee on? Like a home one? I usually have to ask if they've taken one. In a lab it's análisis or something right?

And since the preg related phrasing is so different with Spanish, how would I say something like "The problem is that sometimes you're too early for me to see anything on ultrasound, and since I don't even have a blood test it's hard to tell how far along you are. You could be too early."

Like how do they say "you're too early" or "how far along are you?" I have just been saying "no tiene semanas suficientes" or "cuantos semanas tienes?" but it just sounds real stiff to me.

Sorry that turned out being so long, but I just want to sound not so awkward with the pregnancy talk. Sometimes I do really good and sometimes I'm a mess. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.áá

updated JUL 4, 2010
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¿Se ha sometido a un test de embarazo, en casa o en laboratorio?, formal.

¿Se ha hecho la prueba de embarazo en casa?, informal.

¿Cual fue el resultado? Positivo.

¿Se ha hecho / sometido a un análisis de sangre para confirmar el embarazo?

¿De cuantas semanas está embarazada?

Es pronto para ver algo por ultrasonido.

Tendremos que esperar para confirmar el embarazo.

updated JUL 4, 2010
posted by maria01
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