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I'm gonna keep on loving you


Voy a continuar amarte - Es lo único que quiero hacer. Is this right? Gracias.

(No quiero comer, sólo quiero continuar amarte)

updated JUL 4, 2010
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Is it because its the only thing you wanna do? - fontanero, JUL 4, 2010
:P lol - 003487d6, JUL 4, 2010

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Continuar, seguir, andar, ir without the A, and llevar are followed by gerunds rather than infinitives.

Voy a continuar amándote/seguir amándote. The rest is right, I think.

Voy amándote cada día más.

Ando buscando a alguien a quien amar.

Llevo dos meses buscando a alguien a quien amar.

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Thanks for those examples...I learned something new today! - --Mariana--, JUL 4, 2010
De nada amiga mía - 003487d6, JUL 4, 2010
Very nice! ........... buscando a alguien ....(because it is personal) - 005faa61, JUL 4, 2010
oopsy thanks!! - 003487d6, JUL 4, 2010
Why Dandi? Why gerunds? - jeezzle, JUL 4, 2010
I wish I knew. Let me know if you ever find out! - 003487d6, JUL 4, 2010
Now that I think about it, I guess it has something to do with all of these things being a progressive,ongoing action. Estoy buscando, Ando buscando=I'm searching right now but Voy a buscar = I am not searching now but I will be. - 003487d6, JUL 4, 2010

Marianne is right. Seguir sounds more natural, although, Te amo para siempre is more common. But, jeezzle, I have a question: If you're not going to eat, how long will you be able to go on loving the woman of your affections?

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posted by 005faa61
hehe Good point. - 003487d6, JUL 4, 2010
That's so true! jejeje - --Mariana--, JUL 4, 2010
I don't need long Julian ;) - jeezzle, JUL 4, 2010

You could also use "seguir" to say that you're going to keep on doing something.

Let's wait for a native or advanced speaker to say what sounds natural. grin

updated JUL 4, 2010
posted by --Mariana--
Dandi wrote a very nice a complete answer. I prefer the option: "seguiré amándote (siempre)". - Gekkosan, JUL 4, 2010

Translating REO Speedwagon lyrics are we? I did that in my Spanish class in 1982. grin

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posted by petersenkid2
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