How to say "gave myself"

How to say "gave myself"


As in: "I gave myself a haircut" or "I gave myself an injection with an epipen"

Would this be correct?

Tuvo que darse un inyeccion de adrenalina.

She had to give herself an adrenaline injection.

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That's wierd, I would have said "Me di" for I gave myself and "me dio" for he/she gave me. But then I'm always learning.

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you're right ofcourse, i knew it was too early for me to be answering questions, thanx for spotting it :) I've corrected the post now. - Kiwi-Girl, JUL 3, 2010
Now you got my vote. ;) - jeezzle, JUL 3, 2010
And I see it's not recipricated. Ce le vie. - jeezzle, JUL 3, 2010
Bien hecho Jeezle ! Estoy de accuerdo - FELIZ77, JUL 3, 2010
Gracias amigo. ;) - jeezzle, JUL 3, 2010
voted! :p I told you it was too early for me, mis disculpas amigo :) - Kiwi-Girl, JUL 3, 2010
maybe it was too early for your french too lol , isn't it c'est la vie :) - Kiwi-Girl, JUL 3, 2010

Myself is nice and easy in spanish as you just use the reflexive pronoun 'me':

Me di una inyección. I gave myself an injection.

Me di un corte de pelo. I gave myself a haircut. (although I'm not 100% sure that 'gave myself' is used with a haircut in Spanish - we'll have to wait for someone else to comment to be sure smile)

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so for herself and himself it would be "se dio?" - paige2292, JUL 3, 2010
"se dio a si mismo" is what I would say. ;) - jeezzle, JUL 3, 2010
tilde on the sí in sí misma - 0074b507, JUL 3, 2010
I see nothing wrong with me di if you meant I cut my own hair. Me dio (non-reflexive) if someone else cut it. le di if you cut someone else's hair (non-reflexive) - 0074b507, JUL 3, 2010
Originally it was "me dio" and not "me di" hence the correction. - jeezzle, JUL 3, 2010
sorry i should have shown the edit up here as well as on the following post - thanx jeezzle :) - Kiwi-Girl, JUL 3, 2010
Hmmm! You've got my vote! - Nise, JUL 3, 2010


Otra opción, "me corte el pelo/cabello", "me puse una inyección"...

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It has a nice Spanish ring to it. I like it. I'm putting a vote here too! buenas noches. - Nise, JUL 3, 2010
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