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How do I join the Spanishdict community?


i am a member of livemocha but some of the translations do not match theirs

updated JUL 3, 2010
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posted by ianbullock

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Hi Ian,

You are already part of the SpanishDict community. Welcome to our forum.

As for "machine translations", they are often notoriously incorrect. Use them as a starting point to help you in your own translations of the languages.

Be especially careful when using them to translate from a language you know into a language that you don't know well. When going from Spanish to English, you will recognize when things aren't said well. When going the other direction it may not be so obvious.

There are many resources here for learning Spanish, and a great chance to make good friends while doing so. I hope you enjoy it here.

updated JUL 3, 2010
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posted by Goyo

As Goyo said, machine translation is not very reliable but even skilled human translators can disagree about the "best" translation in some cases. Most ideas can be expressed in a variety of way. Which one is "best" depends on the context, the audience, the purpose, etc.

updated JUL 3, 2010
posted by samdie

Hi Ian. Welcome to the forum.

The best way to become part of the SD community is to fill out your profile and then come and participate on the forum.

Hope to see you around wink

updated JUL 3, 2010
posted by --Mariana--
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