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How do I know when a letter is silent


How do I know when a letter is silent. Such as "H"

Sometimes I see words with a letter that is silent sometimes, but is not other times.

Could someone please tell me when letters are silent.


Thank you

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Give an example when H is not silent. In general, the Spanish letter h is silent in most words. hace helado hay hermano hermoso hielo

H isn't silent in words with CH.

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I know one. ;) - Deanski, JUL 2, 2010
and that would be... - missy8888, MAR 28, 2012

I think the above answer is correct...to my knowledge it is always silent, with the exception of it being with c, like in "ch". Which has always made we wonder, if it's always silent, then why is it there in the first place??????

alt text

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It's there so that we remember that the letter "J" is pronounced like an "H"! jejeje - Pajaro44, JUL 2, 2010
Duh! It's there so when we play the A-Z games we have some entries under H. - 0074b507, JUL 2, 2010
Yes! I just have to remember: "say the "j" like it's "h", but don't say the "h" at all! And freed, of course it's there just for the A - Z games! - amykay, JUL 2, 2010
H exists in the Spanish language so phrases such as "ha hablado" isn't spelled "a ablado". - epicfail, JUL 3, 2010

And did you know that in 1901 Germany actually went and threw out a bunch of those unnecessary "h's"?

Thank you, wikipedia.

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Good for them! - amykay, JUL 2, 2010
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