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"This" and "that": flashcard sets?


Rather than reinvent the wheel, I was wondering whether anyone knew of a flashcard set (I've searched and only came up with my dodgy set, based on my limited knowledge) that is good for ese esta etc - feminine masculine singular and plural? Or any website? Thank you.

updated JUL 1, 2010
posted by Joshuabss1

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Without pictures, distance is tricky to portray so there may not be any private sets since we can't add pictures.

It sounds like you may have already used 'browse all flashcard sets'?

And it may be that the flashcards aren't needed once you grasp the differences so take a look at this thread:

This & That

updated JUL 1, 2010
edited by LateToDinner
posted by LateToDinner
Thank you for your help. No easy way to grasp this except mimic and practice! - Joshuabss1, JUL 1, 2010
I understand and thanks for the question ... I was pleased to find that link, especially Daniel's chart. - LateToDinner, JUL 1, 2010
If you do make your own card set, that link is a great place to start and if you do look at it again, consider giving it a vote. - LateToDinner, JUL 1, 2010
Gave it a vote. Thanks! Will see if I can make my own and I'll let you know. - Joshuabss1, JUL 1, 2010
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