Suplidos / Posicionado / Obtencion

Suplidos / Posicionado / Obtencion



I need to translate an invoice from a shipping company. In the invoice is listed several items. What does the following mean in English? I am having difficulty finding meanings in the dictionaries:

Posicionado sujeto Ia VA Total suplidos Obtención de divisas sujeto a IVA

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This is what I found:

sujeto - held by

sujeto a - subject to

posicionada - positioned

suplidos - substituted for; made up for (from the verb suplir)

obtension de divisas - acquistion of foreign exchange (currency)

I don't know if these definitions can be made to fit into the context of your situation or not. These are simply definitions that I found. smile

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Are these actual items listed on the invoice or annotations next to items?

They sound something like tax stamps or seals and they are talking about where they are to be located, how many provided, subject to government regulations.

IVA=impuestos sobre el valor añadido=VAT (Latin America)

added value tax

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I believe it is stating that a value added tax has been charged to the receiver of the goods, and if re-sold are subject to a value added tax being charged again.(The receiver can recoup his outlay on the value added tax after he sells the goods by providing a bill of sale and paying the taxes due on his profit.

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