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How do you say "frame" as in bowling?


(1) When bowling, the game is divided into "frames" as on the scoresheet. Examples in context: -- We are in the third frame now. -- I didn't do very well in this frame. I need to score a lot of points in the next frame.

(2) Also in bowling, when the ball is rolled and it knocks down the pins in the center, pins are left on opposite sides of the lane. This is called a "split." How does one say "split" in Spanish, please?

(3) How does one say "bowling match" or "soccer match" in Spanish? A "match" means about the same as a game, but the proper term is "match." Is there a different word in Spanish for "match," or is it simply "un partido?"

I have searched numerous dictionaries, and tried calling a latino friend of mine, but she is out of town for the week. Thank you for whatever help you can give me.

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Otra opción fuera de la mencionada en el artículo anterior es "cuadro" = "frame", strike = moñona.

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If you read articles like the one below you can find the terms. For instance it seems that el split (Split, agujero, cuernos o banderillas) is used for a split in scoring.


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