Como se usa el verbo "Acabar"?

Como se usa el verbo "Acabar"?


Tengo dudas con respecto a usar el verbo "acabar" . Como -

Como se dice " I just started " y cuando se usa "acabar" o "terminar" para significar un fin.

Que es la deferencia entre "acabar" y "terminar" .

Si "I just started " - Acabo de iniciar o Acabé de iniciar o "Lo justo he iniciado "

Gracias por ayudarme.

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Acabar = to finish, to complete, acabar de = to have just (done something)

This expression is used idiomatically

You are right when you choose to use this verb but just be careful which verbs you use to mean start

por ejemplo:

Acabo de comenzar a escibir esta carta

= I have just begun/started to write this letter

**comenzar and empezar are the most common verbs used to mean: to begin or to


Please note When you use acabar de in the present tense, it indicates that the action of the main verb (+ infinitive*) has just occurred now in the present.

In English we express this by using have just + the past participle of the main verb: acabo de llegar = I have just arrived.

When you use acabar de in the imperfect indicative, it indicates that the action of the main verb (+ inf*) had occurred at some time in the past when another action had occurred in the past

In English we express this by using had just por ejemplo;

Acabábamos de entrar el la casa cuando el teléfono sonó

= We had just arrived when the telephone rang

Examples used in Explanations (ie Please notesmile taken from 501 Spanish verbs by Christopher Kendris (4th Edition)

I hope that this helps grin

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