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Peek or Spy on someone


What word would you use to describe someone deliberately PEEKING at someone else, or spying on them, for instance, peeking at a woman changing her clothes in the changing room. This is for a legitimate purpose. None of the words or phrases I can come up with: echar un vistazo, espiar, seem to capture it. Gracias!

updated JUL 1, 2010
posted by Lisala
I hope that my revised post helps now I'm sorry ... I didnt read your post carefully enough the first time ! - FELIZ77, JUL 1, 2010

2 Answers


Mirón = peeping Tom (voyeur) por ejemplos;

Unos mirones observerban a los nudistos desde las rocas = A few voyeurs watched the nudists from the rocks

Espiar a algn (alguien) = to spy on someone (like an agent)

por ejemplo:

Solía espiarlos = he used to spy on them

updated JUL 1, 2010
edited by FELIZ77
posted by FELIZ77

Fisgón= peeping tom

from the verb fisgonear

updated JUL 1, 2010
posted by 002262dd
Joe, I thought that Fisgón = busybody (according to my dictionary) which doesn't have quite the same meaning as voyeur - FELIZ77, JUL 1, 2010
But if it is used/can also be used to mean voyeur I will accept that - FELIZ77, JUL 1, 2010
Oxford says mirón too. - 002262dd, JUL 1, 2010
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