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Is there any another Spanish language..(read description)


Hola Senor&Senoras;,

I mean any another Spanish not what we are using it ..like British English and american english.. and Egyptian Arabic and Syrian Arabic.. They are little bit different.. And what I mean exactly is.. are there any vernaculars or polishes that the **Spanish people use it ?

I hope you understand me..and I hope I get the answer smile


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HI turk, we have several interesting threads on this topic, please have a look .

Spanish from ARgentina

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Castilian the educated spanish of Spain. To latin american ears the spanish of Spain has a lisp. Barthelona for Barcelona. In Los Angelos people refer to Spanglish a mixture of Spanish and English.

I had a friend teach me to say, "Platicame algo" (not sure of spelling) meaning tell me something. I tried practicing around a lunch wagon and an El Salvadorian got really upset with me. Don't say that he said. It is Mexican poor farm talk.

I've heard to that in the capital of Mexico in the federal district almost every word has a sexual connotation so that when my spanish speaking friends where their they were constantly told to use different words.

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There are little differences between almost all Spanish speaking countries. For example, In Spain, the vosotros form is used while here we just use ustedes. In Argentina, "ll" is pronounced with a slight "sh". Every country puts their own spin on the language.

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