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need help with "Please do not lock or shut this door."


We need to let the night cleaning crew know they are not to shut or lock a door.

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How about:

Esta puerta debe quedar abierta siempre: no la cierren ni la cierren con llave.

This door must always be left open: don't close or lock it.

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**Much** **much** better than mine! I need to learn to think less literally when translating! - Pajaro44, JUN 30, 2010
your translation was excellent, but it is true...dont think literal ;) - 00494d19, JUN 30, 2010

I would say:

Por favor, no cierren o usen la llave en esta puerta.

(cerrar = to close, to shut, to lock)

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Please correct my Spanish if this is wrong! - Pajaro44, JUN 30, 2010
To lock .... "Cerrar con llave" - 005faa61, JUN 30, 2010
Julian, thank you. I did see that in the dictionary; but, I didn't know how to say that and also say "don't close the door". Would it be better to say: "Por favor, no cierren con llave y no cierren esta puerta"? - Pajaro44, JUN 30, 2010
"don´t close the door" is "no cierre la puerta" - wteves, JUL 12, 2010

Based on Julian's comment, here is another option that may be better:

"Por favor, no cierren esta puerta y no la cierren con llave." = Please do not close/shut this door and do not lock it.

(cerrar con llave = to lock (with a key)

(cerrar = to close, to shut, to lock (without a key)

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Blockeo la puerta. (Lock the door) vs cierra la puerta (Close the door)

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