Error in today's word of the day?

Error in today's word of the day?


In today's word of the day, cuerdo, one of the examples given is "permítame darte un cuerdo consejo": Should that not be " Permíteme darte un cuerdo consejo", as you're using darte, te, therefore you should use the familiar form of the verb in command form, I would have thought. Thanks

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Yes; you are correct. - MacFadden, JUN 30, 2010
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You're right It would be: "permí(ta)me darle un cuerdo consejo" dar(le) is the proper suffix for the "formal variation" of the second person in the Spanish grammar (usted). if you speak with either variation, you should pay attention to what variation you are using and the familiar form of the verb in command to make full sense of what you're trying to communicate.

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