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Que significa "Bueno canchita linda"


This was at the end of a letter. I'm confused because I come up with canchita being popcorn, but I'm pretty sure that wasn't the intended meaning. Any ideas?


updated JUL 18, 2014
posted by suzieq1234

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Canchita is another way of saying guerita. Bueno canchita bonita, Well pretty guerita If you don't know what guerita (guerra, guerro for guys) is, it's basically a latina/latino who has light skin and blonde hair. You can still be called that even without the blonde hair. Reason why the person is saying canchita instead of guerita; in some places guerita means decomposed egg so they say canchita instead.

updated JUL 18, 2014
posted by KimmyKam
Interesting, thanks for sharing :) - Kiwi-Girl, JUL 17, 2014
Kiwi he is confusing "canchita" with "cachita". Canchita the diminutive of "Cancha" and Cancha Serrana is a food from Peru. - 003e54f5, JUL 17, 2014
güero o güera, guerra means war - Kiwaiano, JUL 18, 2014

Depending on the context and tones of speech it could change meaning. However at first glance I would translate that to:

"Alright, you cute little pig..." Said endearingly to perhaps a little girl stuffing her face with birthday cake...

...or perhaps "Alright, that's enough" to your friend chowing down food in front of you.

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posted by Kiwaiano

hmmm where is this guy from?

That might give us a clue.

updated JUL 18, 2014
posted by chileno

Could 'you' be the pretty little popcorn? Like my daughter used to be my little 'pumpkin'? (Never heard this before!)

updated JUN 29, 2010
posted by margaretbl
Makes more sense in the context (kind of) but a wierd term of affection.... hmm... maybe?! - suzieq1234, JUN 29, 2010

Conchito - Youngest child

Could it be an o rather than an a at the end of the sentence?

popcorn Pictures, Images and Photos

updated JUN 29, 2010
posted by Brynleigh
Love the popcorn action! He definately used an "a" and linda has "a" at end as well. But, since I'm a girl would that be conchita (fem)? - suzieq1234, JUN 29, 2010
Yes you may be right about that - Brynleigh, JUN 29, 2010
Still doesn't make sense in the context, but I can't think of anything else. I'll have to ask (I HATE that!) and I'll let you know. - suzieq1234, JUN 29, 2010
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