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All the different ways to say "At once" or "immediately"

  1. De inmediato
  2. Inmediatamente
  3. De una vez
  4. Ahora mismo

Can you think of some more? Also I noted that once Calvoveijo said that "ahora" to him does not mean "now" but more like "soon" or "tomorrow maybe". Does anyone else think that "ahora" not followed by "mismo" doesn't mean now? Gracias.

updated JUN 29, 2010
posted by jeezzle
I agreewhile that ahora mismo means = right now I still don't think ot has the same impact as Immediately - FELIZ77, JUN 29, 2010
But perhaps said with the right tone of voice with an authoritative voice by a parent/teacher could produce the desired results - FELIZ77, JUN 29, 2010

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"Al instante"

"Como el rayo"

"Más rápido que inmediatamente"

"Al momento"

"En un abrir y cerrar de ojos"


As for ahora, there is a curious phenomenon regarding that expression.

In some places I have been, "ahora" means "in a while", and "ahorita" means "right away". That's what I grew up with. I find that in Puerto Rico (and surely other places as well), the meanings are exactly reversed. So in Puerto Rico, "ahorita" means in a while - which makes things awfully confusing. If you know which one to use, then you don't need the "mismo" - unless you need extra-emphasis.

updated JUN 29, 2010
posted by Gekkosan
So "como el rayo" is "Like a ray (of light?)" or something? because light travels very fast? Gracias. - jeezzle, JUN 29, 2010
"like lightning" or "lightning fast". - Gekkosan, JUN 29, 2010
"Más rápido que inmediatamente" reminds me of the expression in English: " Today would be nice! " said with a degree of irony/sarcasm - FELIZ77, JUN 29, 2010
@Feliz: It's not said sarcastically, but with a sense of urgency. More like "faster than fast!" - Gekkosan, JUN 29, 2010

En seguida =immediately / right away* !

por ejemplo: ' La señora dijo, "me gustaría tomar un cafe., por favor"

"í En seguida,* señora ¡" Contestó el camarero con una sonrisa grande.

en cuanto

por ejemplo: 'Le mandaré un cheque en cuanto llegue la mercancía'

= I will send you a cheque immediately* the goods arrive (* as soon as)

updated JUN 29, 2010
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posted by FELIZ77
Oh yeah left that one out. That's a good one. - jeezzle, JUN 29, 2010
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