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Could somebody please translate "Yo somio?"


Yo somio. Thanks.

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I'm not familiar with any word somio. One of the SD dictionaries gives it as meaning 'bed spring' and then gives its conjugation as if it were a verb. As far as a I know 'bed spring' isn't a verb, so I'm thinking there's some sort of glitch going on. However, I do have an idea about your phrase. Is it possible it's meant to be "Yo soy mío"? That would mean "I am mine." Hey, at least it's better than "I bed spring."

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If I bed spring, what do you do. I guessed there was something wrong with a bed spring having a conjugation, but then again ,what do I know. - albert-fabrik-, JUN 28, 2010

First look at the noun somier.


(Del fr. sommier).

  1. m. Soporte de tela metálica, láminas de madera, etc., sobre el que se coloca el colchón.

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Now see here how our dictionary can conjugate a noun. Pretty special,huh? Actually, we have discussed several nouns that end in ar, er, or ir that the dictionary tried to conjugate.

alt text

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