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Life must be a little depressing for her


I have a question about the must be part. I want to say "Para ella la vida debe ser algo deprimido" but I'm not sure if it works because of the "deber" being used for "must" and also "should". Do you think what I wrote works, or maybe "Para ella la vida debe ser bastante deprimido" (pretty depressing). Gracias.

Me parece que ella ya no disfrute la vida. ......and what about this.

PS I figured out why parts of posts are being deleted (mine at least). I tend to write a little arrow pointing to the left with < and - - - , every time there is one of those the entire line gets erased. Must be something about the site coding.

updated JUN 29, 2010
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Well, you got the "Para ella la vida debe ser" part ok. That works. You just need to fix the last bit:

"Para ella la vida debe ser un tanto /un poco deprimente": That's an exact translation of your English sentence.

In any event, you have the correct idea for the use of "debe" for must.

updated JUN 29, 2010
posted by Gekkosan
So algo doesn't work there? I tend to use algo instead of un poco most of the time. EX Estoy algo crudo etc... - jeezzle, JUN 28, 2010
I think it'd work if you were saying: somewhat depressing. I think that algo sounds like a little more than a little. - alba3, JUN 28, 2010
"Algo" is not incorrect - but I don't use it very much. - Gekkosan, JUN 29, 2010
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