which is correct "diablillo de destrucción" or "diablillo de la destrucción"?

which is correct "diablillo de destrucción" or "diablillo de la destrucción"?


Simple question, which is correct "diablillo de destrucción" or "diablillo de LA destrucción"? I am trying to say "little devil of destruction." Thanks in advance for your help!

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Which one you use depends on the context for the expression.

For example: if you wish to say that "the kids were hoping that the mean old man would be visited by a little devil of destruction"; the best option is: "los chicos sintieron deseos de que al malvado viejo lo visitara un diablillo de destrucción".

On the other hand if you write: "the mean old man's house was in shambles. The presence of the little devil of destruction was in evidence everywhere", then the other form works better: "la casa del malvado viejo se hallaba en ruinas. La presencia del diablillo de la destrucción se evidenciaba en todas partes."

Much depends on whether we are talking about any one "diablillo de destrucción", or the one and only, the meanest, nastiest, most devastating ever: "el diablillo de la desctrucción".

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Thank you so much for your answer! (and nice little devil) - Neago, JUN 28, 2010

I don't know if this is correct or not; but, when I used the SpanishDict translation feature, I received two responses for:

"diablillo de destrucción"

and, only one response for:

"diablillo de la destrucción"

So, it seems that the phrase without the "la" may be more correct.

I hope that someone with more knowledge of Spanish will also reply.

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Thanks Pajaro! I think it is correct without the "la" too.... we'll see what others say... good luck with your Spanish studies (I love birding as well!) - Neago, JUN 28, 2010
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