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pequeñuelos ... ¿qué significa?


Estoy leyendo un fábula de Esopo, y dice que el águila "...recurrió a Zeus pidiéndole un lugar seguro para depositar sus futuros pequeñuelos."

Entiendo que dice que he turned to Zeus, requesting a safe place where he could put his future young... but I´m not sure if it is babies, or baby animals, or specifically baby birds (i.e. una combinación de pequeño y polluelos). No está en el diccionario aquí en SpanishDict ni en mi diccionario inglés - español.

Entonces... ¿qué significa pequeñuelos?

updated JUN 28, 2010
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posted by Lrtward
Yes I knew it was talking about birds in this passage, but I wanted a better sense of the word in general. Thanks for your comments :) - Lrtward, JUN 28, 2010

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That's a new one for me, too, Leslie. See this link. It looks like it can be used for humans and animals.

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posted by alba3

little ones

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posted by 00813f2a
Of any kind? Humans, animals, anything? I can tell from context and the root word that it means the young, but not sure if it is limited to birds or animals. - Lrtward, JUN 27, 2010
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