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Hi everybody ! I have a question about reputation gain i know that there is a limit for reputation gain ( 200 per 24 hours ) but what I don't know about and want to ask about is :When someone vote for me and I've passed the reputation limit I know that I don't get the 10 points but lately i've noticed that when I start a new day I don't start with 0 reputation I start with the number of the reputation that I didn't take last day.Is that right or what ? wink

updated OCT 21, 2010
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OK, here's 10 more points. - Yeser007, JUN 28, 2010
thanks yesro . - 00b6f46c, JUN 28, 2010
200? Strange. When my reputation limits I am not sure, maybe 50 or 60, I only get 4, 1 or usually zeroes then - swing, JUN 28, 2010

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I don't think it's the number of the reputation that you didn't take last day.

It is the reputation you earn during 24 hrs. If you don't sleep and spend more time to see your reputation, you will know it.

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Correct- it's not per day, it's per 24 hours. - Goyo, JUN 27, 2010
Fidalgo, don't even thnk of me, OK? Jejejeje - Rikko, JUN 27, 2010
i know it's per 24 hrs but when i cheked my reputation page there is nobody voted for me at the last 24 hrs then where does the 50 points came from ? - 00b6f46c, JUN 27, 2010
Gracias, Goyo y Rikko, por ayudarme :-) - Fidalgo, JUN 27, 2010
Why not, view previous pages of your reputation stream - Fidalgo, JUN 27, 2010

Thank you a lot guys .it seems that I didn't the 2 , 3 or the 4 page last night I was too sleepy it was 4 am .and I didn't sleep yet, red face .

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posted by 00b6f46c
You're as bad as Heidi! - Yeser007, JUN 28, 2010
jejejeje. - 00b6f46c, JUN 28, 2010

Lovely, are you still worrying about points and badges?

I'm sure you'll get all the credits you deserve eventually, but remember, its really about the Spanish, and the fun!

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posted by fontanero
you are right fontanero .it's about spanish not points .verygood advice thanks -;) - 00b6f46c, JUN 28, 2010

Hi Lovely. The 24-hour system is a bit complicated and hard to follow. However, just trust the process and you'll get all of your points.

You're doing really great with 3,200!

updated JUN 28, 2010
posted by --Mariana--
thanks marianne . - 00b6f46c, JUN 28, 2010
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