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How intensively you are studying Spanish?


How intensively you are studying Spanish? How many hours per day, how many lessons a week?

I've just started studying Spanish, only a month ago. I spend at least two hours a day studying. smile

updated JUN 28, 2010
posted by Katenok
That will advance you at a pretty fast rate, I do 30 min during the week more if I have time and about 8 hours on the weekend sometimes more. - foxluv, JUN 27, 2010

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Cuando puedo, media hora practicando flashcards, leyendo, asistiendo las lecciones aquí, o escuchando ¨News in Slow Spanish¨.

A veces una o dos horas mirando una película (con banda sonora español).

Pero algunos días no tengo tiempo para nada.

When I can, half an hour practicing flashcards, reading, taking lessons here, or listening to ¨News in Slow Spanish¨.

Sometimes one or two hours watching a film (with Spanish soundtrack).

But some days I don´t have time for anything.

updated JUN 28, 2010
posted by Lrtward

A 30 minute lesson from Dr. Pimsleur's audio cds, and maybe 15 minutes more reading various books.

I am lucky though, I work with 10 native Latin American immigrants, so I am being schooled all day at work basically.

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Cómo te envidio. - 003487d6, JUN 27, 2010
Desafortunadamente, enseñanme todas las palabras malas >. - llego, JUN 27, 2010

En este momente, varias horas cada día porque tengo que sufrir un exámen grande wl viernes. smile

At the moment a few hours a day because I have to take a big exam Friday.

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But usually, just the time that I spend on Spanishdict. :-) - Delores--Lindsey, JUN 27, 2010

I average 90 minutes per day listening to CDs, read a chapter from the Bible, spend time here, and work on other things like my "Practice Makes Perfect" español workbook.

I probably average 2-3 hours per day.

updated JUN 28, 2010
posted by Goyo

I read the language books only on Sundays

On weekdays, I listen to the podcasts while driving and i used to read the reference articles here.

updated JUN 28, 2010
posted by Vaanz
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