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Grammar questions (¿...?,weathers, Introduce)



I was learning 1.14 and had some question.

  • I thought all questions in spanish begin with "¿" and ends on "?" but "What is the weather like" = "Qué tiempo hace?" Why there is no ¿ here?. Can i find somewhere the grammar rules when i must use "....?" and when "¿....?" ?

  • All weathers except the the things that fall out the ar like rain or snow begins with "Hace". But now I thought I must use it instead of está(weather is not permanent) Hace. So "It is cold" = "Hace frío" but at the flashcards the say "Cold" = Hace frío. Why use Hace here and not El frío?

  • When the video started the women itroduced herself by "Soy Paralee Whitmire..." instead of "Me llamo Paralee Whitmire". Which sentence is more common used in Spain?

updated JUN 27, 2010
posted by Vraagje101

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You are correct in that all Spanish questions begin with a ¿. But sometimes people forget!

Frío is an adjective, so you normally wouldn't say "el frío." When it's cold, you say "hace frío", except in some countries you say, "está frío." If you say the wrong one for that country, everyone will understand and it will be OK.

Both ways of saying, "I am Goyo" and "My name is Goyo" are said a lot in both Spanish and English. You need to learn them both, and then you can add some variety to your language.

updated JUN 27, 2010
posted by Goyo
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