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Can you use conocer for "to get to know?"


I've been writing my host family for awhile, but they haven't told me much about what sorts of activities they like to do, and such. I want to end my email with "Que haceis este verano? Me encantaria conocer mas de vosotros."

Would this be an informal way of saying "i'd love to know more about you."?

updated JUN 28, 2010
posted by paige2292

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I would say: "Me gustaría llegar a conocerse mejor."

llegar a conocer = to get to know

updated JUN 27, 2010
posted by alba3
"conoceros" (since she seems to be using "vosotros" with them). - samdie, JUN 27, 2010
Good catch, samdi. I agree. - alba3, JUN 27, 2010

Perfecto, Paige. "Conocer" means 'to meet, to get to know.' You can use it for other things, as well, such as 'conozco esta canción' (I know this song), as long as the thing that you know isnt the knowledge of how to do something. For example, you would say 'se esta receta' (I know this recipe) NOT 'conozco esta receta' grin

updated JUN 27, 2010
posted by AngelinaG

As long as you stay away from the simple present and imperfect tenses, yes (the same problem exists in English).

Les conocí en 1960 (I got/came to know / met / became familiar with them in 1960.)

Espero conocerles (mejor) este verano. (I hope to (get to) know) / become acquainted/familiar with them this summer.

Les estoy conociendo mejor cada dia. (Every day I get to know/become more familiar with them.

As with Spanish, these all imply a change of state (an event rather than a general situation [the get/become suggest a transition from less to more familiarity]).

"Le conozco desde que eramos niños." on the other hand, describes a situation (an enduring relationship) not an event. One might be tempted to translate that as "I met him when I was a child." but that's not a very good translation (It corresponds to "Le conocí cuando era niño.) The Spanish does not speak of how/when/under what circumstances you met, it simply describes the situation/relationship that has existed since then.

updated JUN 28, 2010
posted by samdie
then if I was using the vosotros form would it be "conoceros" or "conocerles"? - paige2292, JUN 27, 2010
conoceros - samdie, JUN 28, 2010
I was exposed to a lot of 'leismo' in my youth and have not fully recovered. - samdie, JUN 28, 2010
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