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¿Cuál es su dulce favorito?


I am using this thread to practice my Spanish. I have to use the dictionary and translation for words I don't know, so there may be mistakes.

I welcome corrections, but I would like to hear your answers. English translation would be nice. I am also including little tidbits.

Mis dulces favoritos son Jelly Bellys. Jelly Bellys tienen muchos sabores. Mis sabores favoritos son canela y palomitas con mantequilla (I don't know how to say buttered popcorn). ¡La mejor cosa sobre Jelly Bellys es tienen la cafeína! Me gusta comer Jelly Bellys cuando estudio mi tarea. ¡No tengo sueño cuando tengo mi Jelly Bellys!

Jelly Bellys también fueron los dulces favoritos de ex-presidente Ronald Reagan. El sabor arándano fue hecho para su inauguración. Sirvieron rojos, blancos, y azules Jelly Bellys, los colores de la bandera de los Estados Unidos.

What I was trying to say: My favorite candies are Jelly Bellys. Jelly Bellys have many flavors. My favorite flavors are cinnamon and buttered popcorn. The best thing about Jelly Bellys is that they have caffeine! I like to eat Jelly Bellys when I study my homework. I'm never sleepy when I have my Jelly Bellys!

Jelly Bellys also were ex-president Ronald Reagan's favorite candies. The blueberry flavor was made for his inauguration. They served red, white, and blue Jelly Bellys, the colors of the United States Flag.

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I put this under "proofreading" because you don't seem to be asking for a conversation, but rather a review of what you've written. Yes? - --Mariana--, JUN 27, 2010
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@Marianne, sorry no. I was interested in hearing people's answers, particularly in Spanish, but if I made a mistake I didn't mind them correcting it. - 004e13c4, JUN 28, 2010

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El dulce de leche!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Y para prepararlo, se hace así:


1 litro de leche de vaca, 1/4 de kilo de azucar.

Para prepararlo en plan casero, esto si que lleva esfuerzo más que tiempo, hacemos lo siguiente:

Se pone a hervir la leche junto con el azúcar en una cacerola, de cobre o aluminio preferentemente, a fuego lento, y no se deja de mover en ningun momento. No desesperes, no es fácil pero llega, poco a poco irá espesando.

¿Cómo saber cuando está? Pues está lista cuando al mover con la cuchara se ve el fondo de la cacerola.

Para prepararlo en plan ‘rápido’, pues hacemos lo que sigue:

Tomamos una lata de leche condensada y la cocinamos al baño maría durante al menos 2 horas. La lata debe estar cubierta completamente con el agua, para que se cocine todo su contenido.

Cuando abras la lata, tendrás dulce de leche.

¿Todo muy sencillo no? La verdad es que hacerlo casero tiene trabajillo pero merece la pena. Si te pones haz mucho, no sabes que buenos ratos pasarás después con los helados que decidas preparar, los crepes, las tortitas, … con todo.

Esto es una de las delicias de las delicias.

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Jelly Beans vienen (come in)en varios sabores. La mejor cosa de los Jelly Beans es que tienen cafeina El sabor arándano fue creado por su inaugaración.

These are the major mistakes- very few! Good job!

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When you make a series...no comma before the "y". - 0074b507, JUN 27, 2010
Jelly Belly is a brand of jelly bean. I don't thing the terms are interchangeable. - 0074b507, JUN 27, 2010
I was talking about grammar changes :D - culé, JUN 27, 2010
Kudos to Qfreed for adding the pic and keeping it "Belly" - LateToDinner, JUN 28, 2010
Thanks, angelinafr. While Jelly Bellys are jelly beans, Jelly Belly is the particular brand name that I like. Other jelly beans don't have as interesting flavors--or the caffeine! - 004e13c4, JUN 28, 2010

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My favorite? See's Chocolates. Hard to rule out anything chocolate but the See's assortments ... yum! Especially the assortment labeled "Nuts and Chews." Since I go for the almonds covered in dark chocolate first, I guess I can narrow it down to: See's dark chocolate almond buds.

I would like to hear your answers. English translation would be nice

I think you tricked Marianne into thinking you were asking for a translation service rather than asking participants to post in both English and Spanish. You might want to move it general discussion.

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I didn't mean to trick anybody and just assume it was a misunderstanding. I think chocolate covered prunes are heaven! - 004e13c4, JUN 28, 2010
Not in a mean way, I was just showing you why I think she changed it for you, and suggesting you change it back if my guess was correct. - LateToDinner, JUN 28, 2010
I don't think as many people are up for translating as in joining group discussions. - LateToDinner, JUN 28, 2010

I agree with angelinafr on your mistakes smile very good...

Bueno... Mis dulces favoritos son M&M's de cacahuate mmmm delicioso! Pero aqui en Turquía ya no se venden :( El martes voy a españa y me quiero comprar millones paquetas LOL ) Mmmm y el otro favorito es : Ferrero Raffaello... es un amor!! Me encanta coco por eso esta simplemente hecho por mi tongue laugh

Well, my favorite candies are peanut M&M's mmmm delicious! But they are not sold here in Turkey anymore.. :( ( on Tuesday I'm going to Spain, and I want to buy a milion of them! mmm and the other favorite is : Ferrero Raffaello... It's a love... I love coconut and because of that it's just made for me! tongue laugh alt text alt text

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