How do you add pictures to your flashcard sets?

How do you add pictures to your flashcard sets?


Ive made three sets with no pictures!!!! I would like to know how to make them with pictures like all the other ones! Thank TU!!!

updated JUN 27, 2010
posted by bannanasplitz_01
All of the other ones? Just the lessons! - LateToDinner, JUN 27, 2010

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If you look in our Reference section about using this site you will find an article answering your question.

The short answer is:

only the staff can make flashcard sets with photos.

I read a thread here yesterday that gave a URL for a site where you can make flashcards with pictures. If you opt for the free version of the site's software you can only select photos from their database of images, however. If you buy their Plus version of the software ($10/mo.) you can upload your own pictures.

But not here. Only the staff here has that ability. (so that they can monitor the content of the images-no inappropriate pictures, etc.)

If you are interested in the URL of the other site, search previous posts or PM me. We aren't supposed to advertise other sites here that are commercial.

¡Bienvenido al foro!

Welcome to the forum!

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Hey, welcome!

The big Q is right on! (Usually is.)

But there was a recent thread that Heidita seems to have given her seal of approval so I share with you the following link:

link text

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posted by LateToDinner
That is the site that I was mentioning. I joined for free, but now I can only use Flickr pictures as the author of the flashcards did. To upload your own pictures you must buy their advanced software. - 0074b507, JUN 27, 2010
you can also choose from flickr database. - swing, JUN 27, 2010
and it is totally free - swing, JUN 27, 2010
Hey! Swing! How much does it cost? Sorry, just pulling your leg. Q just said free twice, you made me smile when you added it again. Thanks for the smile and the link! - LateToDinner, JUN 27, 2010
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