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Using "como" in a sentence?


¡Cómo estoy disfrutando!

I'm really enjoying myself!

como = how
estoy disfrutando = I am enjoying

Now the question is where does "really" and "myself" come into the translation? This is a sentence from my flashcard practice set.


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The verb "disfrutar" means "to enjoy oneself," so "estoy disfrutando" would be "I am enjoying myself."

The use of "cómo" (not "como") here is as an exclamative. The effect is to give a stronger reaction or statement than if you were simply to say "Estoy disfrutando." Another way to look at it would be to translate it to something like "Oh, how I am enjoying myself!" Of course, it should be obvious that this type of expression probably sounds a bit outdated in English, and it would probably be much more common to say something like "I am really enjoying myself" or "I am really having a good time," or as my kids might say "Man, I'm having fun!" or "Man, this is really awesome! (referring to whatever they are doing, i.e. enjoying at the time)" or possibly "Man, I'm (really) having a blast!."

Sometimes, you have to look more at the meaning that the words are trying to convey rather than getting too stuck on finding the perfect word-for-word translation.

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