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Do you learn flashcards with or without images(and why)? I always put them off because sometimes you don't really know what the image explain and than you combine a spanish word with a strange image. A sentence is very clear what it means so you can not get confused. There are exception like colors then an image is obvious than a word.

updated JUN 26, 2010
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"...then an image is more obvious than a word." - --Mariana--, JUN 26, 2010
Thanks I fixed it. - Vraagje101, JUN 26, 2010

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I like my flashcards without images, unless, like you say, it's a very clear connection to the word.

For example, a picture of an elephant, an eye, the color red....all of those would be fine on flashcards.

I make flashcards each week (from index cards), which have new vocabulary that I learned during the week. I keep them by my bed and review them before I go to sleep. grin

updated JUN 26, 2010
posted by --Mariana--
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