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What does el nasi mean?


In a song by Enrique Iglesias and Wisin and Yandel they say, "Victor El nasi" I was wondering what it means. Thanks for always helping me with my questions and so quickly too. It helps alot as I have been teaching myself spanish with the help of this spanish dictionary and translator.

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sorry, do not know, keep up the good work:) - Silvia, JUN 25, 2010

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The closest I can come is the word Nacer (to be born).

The Preterite Indicative "nací" means "I was born".

Hope this helps.

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Thanks rolest I always thought El nasi meant "the nose" now it makes more sense , i shall go back to that song. Oh thanks for that 10K thingy rolest that was so good of you, much merit to you. - ray76, JUN 26, 2010
The thanks goes to you. I just made people aware of your achievement. - Rolest, JUN 26, 2010

Apparently one of the reggaeton producers goes by the name of 'Victor el Nasi' Victor el Nasi


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Great research, Maria-Claire! The link you provide asks the same question and provides some interesting answers as well! - waltico, JUN 26, 2010

I don't know the context of the phrase, nor am I familiar with the song in question, but my guess is that the Spanish phrase is:

Victor, el nazi

which would translate to:

Victor, the Nazi

In Latin American Spanish, anyway, nazi and nasi would be pronounced exactly the same way with the stress on the first syllable. Nací (I was born), on the other hand, would be pronounced with the stress on the second syllable.

Does this make sense within the context of the song? More context for the phrase would help clarify its meaning.

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See Maria-Claire's answer - be sure to click on the "Victor el Nasi" link. :) - waltico, JUN 26, 2010
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