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How do you translate this into spanish?

I hited her in the face with my fist?

updated JUN 26, 2010
posted by mestizo7

2 Answers


Firstly, In English you would say: **I hit her in the face with my fist (not hitted!)**

= la golpeé en la cara con mi puño

I believe that this is correct although not 100% certain and I am open to correction

updated JUN 25, 2010
edited by FELIZ77
posted by FELIZ77
You are right in your translation or you can say Yo la golpeé en la cara con mi puño. - aidalizso, JUN 25, 2010
THank you I was just trying to avoid using personal pronouns lol as Heidita at Admin gets mad at us when we use them hahaha - FELIZ77, JUN 25, 2010
when w use them unnecesarily which can be 99 % of the time hehee - FELIZ77, JUN 25, 2010

I think it would be golpeo, as she (I hope) is the one hitting.

In fact, I think it would be:

Yo golpeó su en la cara con mi puño.

updated JUN 26, 2010
edited by LT23NC
posted by LT23NC
Hit is simple past tense / preterito not present and the person requesting the translation said " I" hit her not she hit me - FELIZ77, JUN 25, 2010
hit can also be present tense, but as she said (hited) (not a word), she means past lol... - timothychongg, JUN 26, 2010
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