¿Qué significa "cuncuño?"

¿Qué significa "cuncuño?"


I have an application someone filled out. He listed someone as "cuncuño" or possibly "concuño" since it was handwritten. This is in the place where you signify the relationship to the applicant.

In one answer, he signified someone as "cuñado" which I learned means brother. But neither Google or Live translator had the first one listed.


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Concuño is the husband of a sister-in-law. Ex. My sister-in-law Debbie (my husband's sister) is married to Brian. Brian would be my concuño, but he would be my husband's cuñado. My cuñada is Debbie. Another example: My brother-in-law Gary (my husband's brother) is married to Kim. Kim would be my concuña. My cuñado is Gary. I hope you can understand my examples...

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I got this online:

  1. El concuño es el esposo o esposa de tu cuñado.

  2. concuñado****, da. (De con- y cuñado).

  3. m. y f. Cónyuge de una persona respecto del cónyuge de otra persona hermana de aquella.
  4. m. y f. Hermano o hermana de una de dos personas unidas en matrimonio respecto de las hermanas o hermanos de la otra.
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am I reading that correctly? No. 1 the spouse of your brothers and sisters-in-law 2. the relationship between your brothers and sisters-in-law to his brothers and sisters- in-law - 0074b507, JUN 25, 2010
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