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Tu te ves muy rudo


So I know that "te ves guapo" y "me veo guapo"... is "you look good", "I look good"........ so about the above sentence. It seems like "you are rude" or "you appear to be rude". It seems like "Tu te ves asustado" or "Tu te ves estreñido" work but the above makes me wonder about the use of verse here....... I wonder what all it can be used with. It seems that in addition to "you look........" it also must mean something like "me parece que estás muy rudo". Any thoughts? Gracias.

updated JUN 25, 2010
posted by jeezzle

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It's all fine, except on the interpretation for "rudo". In Spanish "rudo" may mean coarse or vulgar, but (having an idea of the movies you like to watch grin ) it can also mean "tough", in a Rambo type of way.

So this could mean "you look very tough", or "you look very rude".

updated JUN 25, 2010
posted by Gekkosan

Verse can mean to seem or to appear, so that translation makes sense.

updated JUN 24, 2010
edited by KevinB
posted by KevinB
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