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how do you spell and pronounce pravin


How do your pronounce and spell "pravin mhatre" ( its a full name) in spanish.

updated MAY 21, 2012
posted by Pravin_101
hola - 00494d19, JUN 23, 2010

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In general, personal names are spelled (and pronounced) according to the wish/custom of the person whose name it is. In this case, it sounds to me like a name for somebody from India ('mh' simply does not occur in normal Spanish words).

updated MAY 21, 2012
posted by samdie
He may be asking for a phonetic spelling of how a native would pronouce his name. - 0074b507, JUN 23, 2010

It's not a Spanish name, but a Spanish speaker would probably pronounce it PRAH-been MAH-treh (the Hs aren't really pronounced, they're just there to tell you how to say the vowels.) As for spelling, all those letters exist in Spanish, so it's spelled just as you've written it.

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