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Para eso estanlos amigos...What are friends for?


A deci las verdades se pierdan las amistades?

If you always tell the truth, will you lose your friends?

Do you think you should be completely honest if a friend asks you if you like what they are wearing or if you like their new hair cut?

updated JUN 23, 2010
edited by Brynleigh
posted by Brynleigh
Is my Spanish correct? - Brynleigh, JUN 22, 2010
Bryn, you have to be clearer with the qustions and mind the category. is this a discussion? Or do you want to know if the Spanish is correct? - 00494d19, JUN 22, 2010
Actually it is a question and I also appreciate correction of my Spanish since I have only joined here a few days ago. Perhaps it is too advanced for me. Gracias for the encouragement. - Brynleigh, JUN 23, 2010

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Is this a vocabulary question that you want translated or a "General Discussion" question where you want people to comment?

updated JUN 22, 2010
posted by --Mariana--
Comments please - Brynleigh, JUN 22, 2010

I don't understand the question .do you want us to translate that or what ?

updated JUN 22, 2010
posted by 00b6f46c
I don't either - 005faa61, JUN 22, 2010
Will you tell a friend if you do not like something about them? - Brynleigh, JUN 22, 2010
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