mm/dd/yy VS dd/mm/aa, date format.

mm/dd/yy VS dd/mm/aa, date format.


¿En qué países, aparte de los Estados Unidos, se utiliza el formato mm/dd/aa para escribir fechas?

En México usamos el formato dd/mm/aa. Ejemplo: 22/06/10

  • mm > mes / month
  • dd> día / day
  • aa> año / yy>year
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Silly children. Brace yourselves... We haven't always had computers.

I know that is a shocker to some of you

And not everyone has always been able to write. Hard to fathom, I know, but before computers, there were forms. And before forms, there was memory.

Hang in there a moment, I can make this make sense.

When teaching or learning anything you have to get past the first step to get to the second.

Try explaning something. Just about anything. You always want to give the person something they can grasp. If they are still trying to understand what you said first while you are explaining what comes next, you won't need to explain what comes after that!

Always start with simple. There are only 12 months and they have names - most of the names are from numbers, but we use the names. For many people, the simplicity is important.

There are a few more days to pick from, but it will always be a number less than 32. Counting is always one of the earlier things learned, it's the math part that gets tricky.

The year is different, there have been thousands of those. Sometimes it is important. Sometimes it is only piece of the date that is important. But if you want someone to memorize the whole date with out the advantage of seeing it first or being able to write it down, give them the easiest parts first.

In the computer world it is most beneficial to use yyyymmddhhss, absolutely!

But references to which revolution around the sun our planet was on at the time of a specific event didn't start with the computer; it was passed, often only verbally, and often to people who could not read nor write.

Sadly, there have been people that only knew their name and when (supposedly) they were born.

Maybe someday we will all use the same format, a more computer friendly - forget what works for the beginners - format.

Until then, I am very happy that Microsoft, et. al. allow us to at least choose from the choices they want us to use.

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Wow, this is bordering on a "Lazarus like" explanation. :) - Nicole-B, AGO 14, 2010
That is a compliment of course. - Nicole-B, AGO 14, 2010
Taken that way, humbly. Thank you. - LateToDinner, AGO 14, 2010
Those silly children... - LuisaGomezBartle, AGO 15, 2010

The mm/dd/yyyy also used in Belize, Canada, Micronesia, Palau and the Philippines. Wikipedia adds the following in relation to Canada:

Although most official government documents use the yyyy-mm-dd format, the mm/dd/yy format is also understood due to influences from the United States.

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And I personally get veeeery annoyed when people say it mm/dd/yy. - margaretbl, JUN 21, 2010
I don't think there is any rule we have to follow in the Phils. for that. Many also use the "dd/mm/yyyy" format. - Rikko, JUN 22, 2010
Oh, ok. Thanks for letting me know. I just got this from Wikipedia. :) - MacFadden, JUN 22, 2010

I can't stand dd / mm / yyyy. For me it has to be either mm / dd / yyyy or yyyy / mm / dd.

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Agree:) - Brynleigh, AGO 14, 2010

Starting with the month it's confusing. ¿Por qué se hace de esa forma? Why is made like that? (I'm not sure how to ask that, correct me.)

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Starting with the month is confusing. Why did they do it like that? (Very strange!) - margaretbl, JUN 21, 2010
Yeah, having to pick from 12 choices instead of thousands! Huh? - LateToDinner, AGO 14, 2010

In the UK, we tend to use dd/mm/yy.

Sorry Joel.

And Brynleigh.

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It should be written YYYY / MM / DD - that way it could be easily sorted on computers. grin

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I think that is the way it is written in China and a few other countries. - Nicole-B, JUN 21, 2010
It would make a bit more sense, but it puts the information that's most relevant in day-to-day use (the day) last. - MacFadden, JUN 22, 2010

Starting with the month it's confusing.

I can see your point Morbo. But this is like anything else. If you have seen the date written like this since childhood, it seems very natural. Whenever I have to fill out the date of my birth on an airplane or give the date in Mexico or other countries, it takes me a few seconds to focus on doing it the other way.

However, I do think that it makes more sense to write the day before the month. Unless you are living on another planet, most people can remember what month we are in. However, which day of the month is much easier to forget. Therefore, I think it makes sense to have this number come first.

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