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How can I call someone "Soft Cloud", like a title, or a name?


I have a friend who is in superb physical condition. Recently he commented that he feels so out of shape that his "backside is as soft as a cloud." Not being able to pass up such a perfect opportunity, I've dubbed him "Senor Nube," but it's just not enough. How do I give him the title "Soft Cloud" properly - doesn't seem like "Nube Suerte" quite fits?

updated JUN 27, 2010
posted by tamyrono

2 Answers


I'd say "Señor Nubecita". That should be suitable cute and insulting for a tough guy who's being a crybaby.

updated JUN 27, 2010
posted by Gekkosan
This is right on the money - ALMOST. -ita? itA?!! You ttying to get me in TROUBLE? ;)p - tamyrono, JUN 27, 2010

Hello, and welcome to the forum. I'd say "Nube Suave". As you say, "Nube Suerte" doesn't really fit; suerte means 'luck'.

Update: Okay, nevermind. I like Gekkosan's suggestion much better. I retract my suggestion.

updated JUN 27, 2010
edited by MacFadden
posted by MacFadden
I hope she doesn't listen to you two, you are teasing!!! - margaretbl, JUN 21, 2010
Actually - I like Geddosan's answer too - he's the kind of guy who responds well to being poked at by a girl for being soft. Oh, but I won't be using the "itA" - you trying to get me in TROUBLE Gekkosan? - tamyrono, JUN 27, 2010
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