*de la Lecrm*

*de la Lecrm*


In a legal translation I'm looking at, from Spain, I understand, I have the acronym la Lecrm to deal with. Here is the context:

Así, el artículo 795 de la Lecrm, reformado por la Ley 38/2002, en el punto 1o, regla 2a, apartado a), establece dentro del ámbito de aplicación del procedimiento para el enjuiciamiento rápido de determinados “delitos de lesiones, coacciones, amenazas o violencia física o psíquica habitual, cometidos contra las personas a que se refiere el artículo 153 del Código Penal”.

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What's up? if you know what the legal acronym Lecrm means, tell me. Simple question. - lagartijaverde, JUN 20, 2010
Maybe they are flagging your title.That is a bit ambiguos - nizhoni1, JUN 20, 2010
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Ley de Enjuiciamiento Criminal

I googled it and found an article that defined it. Looks like a compendium of legal judgements in criminal law,standard reference

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enjuiciamiento - ian-hill, JUN 20, 2010
Enjuiciamiento criminal -> trial, criminal prosecution - ian-hill, JUN 20, 2010
Great stuff!! thanks - lagartijaverde, JUN 21, 2010
you are a gem!! - lagartijaverde, JUN 21, 2010

Thanks guys, I must have asked this twice late last night as I pored over the text and poured out the wine!! I'm translating it as Criminal Procedure Act. I found the answer elsewhere as by morning I had forgotten I'd made this particular post.

I was feelin a bit woozy this morningwink

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