subjunctive and order

subjunctive and order


can i use subjunctive form of the verb to give order? and can you give an example to me?

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To clarify the grammar language a little:

The present tense, subjunctive verb endings are used to form the formal commands and the negative, informal, commands, as well as the nosotros commands.

The affirmative, informal commands don't use subjunctive verb endings.

It's not negatives with subjunctives and positives with imperative. All commands are imperative mood.

Dugu3b's informal command examples are correct. The negative, familiar, command uses the present tense, subjunctive verb ending; the affirmative, informal command does not.

The formal commands (imperative mood) (negative and affirmative, both use subjunctive verb endings)

Escuchen, por favor.

No hablen.

The affirmative, familiar (tú) commands use the 3rd person, singular, present tense, indicative mood verb endings. The affirmative, informal (vosotros) command drops the "final r" off the infinitive and replace it with a "d".

The point being that some commands use indicative mood verb endings and some use subjunctive verb endings, but they are all imperative mood; not subjunctive mood nor indicative mood.

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If you say "Don't do it!!" yes , it's the subjunctive form. I mean negative orders with subjunctive, positives with imperative.. For example ;

"Do your homework before going out!"

"Haz tu tarea antes de salir."


"Don't drink too much water if you haven't eaten anything."

"No bebas mucha agua si no has comido nada."

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