Los Verbos "Creer y Pensar"

Los Verbos "Creer y Pensar"


I have simial difficulty with other words too. But I will limit this question for these two.

Crear means to create but it is also used to express beliefs and thoughts. At least when I type a sentence in the translator section, that's the verb that comes up for the words. Por ejemplo, "I think..." Creo... comes up. "I believe... " Creo comes up.

How can a verb have so many expressive qualities that have similar meanings but different ideas? And how do you know when to use penzar to think or crear to think?

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I think you are referring to creer and pensar....anyway, from another thread I've got some thoughts on this from James Santia:

And remember that pensar en means "to think about/of something" in the sense of having something occupy your thoughts, while pensar de means "to think about/of something" in the sense of having an opinion about something. Estoy pensando en ti. I'm thinking about/of you ¿Qué piensas del nuevo presidente? What do you think of the new president'

If you want to check out when to use pensar, copy and paste this url into your address bar:


Hope I helped. smile

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Thanks. I did get the spelling wrong and that confused me more. I appreciate the link. - tcretella, JUN 18, 2010
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