Is there a different type of keyboard for spanish speaking people?

Is there a different type of keyboard for spanish speaking people?


I was just in the middle of attempting a flashcard set that envolved typing in letters with accents. I came about this question; "Do spanish speaking people use keyboards with another button on it (Or something to that effect) so that they can type letters with accents easily? Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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There are, indeed, keyboards made for Spanish writers. Their letters are arranged on different keys than the typical QWERTY keyboard.

You do not need one, however, to make the Spanish letters. You can reassign the keys on your QWERTY keyboard to type those characters. Fortunately, most computer OS have done that for you. You can install a Spanish keyboard layout, or a keyboard like the standard QWERTY keyboard with added key combinations for the Spanish characters, such as the International keyboards.

See our Reference Article on how to install whichever keyboard that you prefer.

I would recommend the U.S. International keyboard as it leaves all of your keys except the apostrophe or quote key the same.

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I got it working, and I find that once a little Icon appeared on the bar at the bottom of my screen, I had to play around with that for a while. I am using a windows vista. Just in case any one is reading this. - CoolCatCrash, JUN 17, 2010

There are different keyboards for a lot of different languages for instance if you buy a computor in Spain it will have a spanish keyboard thus making it easy to type in the accents etc. but if you have english keyboard go to main menu- all programmes-system tools-map of charachters or something like that I have never used english computor, any way this map gives you all the charachters that are not on your keyboard just clic on the one you want and in the bottom corner it will tell you the code to key in to get it, you may find it here on this site in the reference section just clic on more at the top right of this page and the drop down menu will take you to the reference section where you will find a lot of other useful information as well.

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qfreed's answer is a good one. I took a business typing class in high school in Venezuela. Yes, it was back when we still used manual typewriters. We had "Spanish" keyboards. They were very similar to U.S. English keyboards, with the addition of a few characters. You could type English on them the same way you did on a U.S. keyboard.

Nowadays I use the U.S. International keyboard layout qfreed recommended. It works fine.

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