When people don't want you to learn Spanish.....

When people don't want you to learn Spanish.....


One of our members asked about how the people in your life feel about learning Spanish. Well, I can tell you one thing--my mom isn't too happy about me learning Spanish Lesson 1.13. That lesson tells you how to drop hints that something needs to be cleaned, and that someone else other than you needs to do them. Then it teaches you how to command other people to do them when they don't take the hint, and make excuses why you can't do them. A very enjoyable lesson!

I think my mom is afraid I'm going to start ordering her to mow the grass, though. And I have a very good excuse--I have lots of homework to do.

So, which lessons do you think your relatives didn't appreciate you learning? Maybe they don't object to you learning Spanish, but maybe there are some things they would prefer that you don't learn. LOL

updated JUN 17, 2010
posted by 004e13c4

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Very funny post, I have a lesson not on SD for curse words and insults which may not be appreciated.

I know that I have never liked being left out of a conversation because I didn't know the language when others could speak English. I thought it was rude.

updated JUN 18, 2010
posted by coolclay
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