Is there a print command for Spanish Lesson flashcards?

Is there a print command for Spanish Lesson flashcards?


I hope this isn't a case where I've overlooked it. I find the print command with other people's flashcards, but not with the Spanish Lessons. Is there a way to print them?

updated JUN 17, 2010
posted by 004e13c4

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If there is, I haven't been able to find it yet. I know it means a little more work, but you already have experience creating sets, you might consider culling the key words and creating a hybrid set that you can print out of just the ones you really want.

updated JUN 18, 2010
posted by LateToDinner

It is dead easy - just "copy and paste" a set into WORD and print from there. Like this list

beef la carne de vaca
chicken el pollo
turkey el pavo
pork el cerdo
pasta la pasta
rice el arroz
bread el pan
milk la leche
butter la mantequilla
cheese el queso
ice cream el helado
potato la papa
apple la manzana
tomato el tomate
orange la naranja
banana el plátano
carrots las zanahorias
pineapple la piña
ham el jamón
fish el pescado

Sorry but this not possible with the flashcards in the lessons. confused

updated JUN 17, 2010
edited by ian-hill
posted by ian-hill

Yes, there is one.

It is next to "create flashcards" after you click on a set you want to use.

updated JUN 17, 2010
posted by princessjane
I don't think this is true for the cards in the Lessons, Princess, only for the sets available outside of the lessons. - LateToDinner, JUN 17, 2010
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