Catratcha/o, Chicano, Chicapoo

Catratcha/o, Chicano, Chicapoo


Catratcha - a nickname for a girl from Honduras male form: catracho

Chicano - A person with the desendence of mexican but not born in mexico but in the U.S.A chicano is not people from latin america but only people with mexican desendence in born in the USA.

Chicapoo - A word used to describe "african americans" , mainly the children of "african americans" (This word is often used my older people, listen for it from your Grandpa)

I could not find this word on Spanishdic.com, how does one add it?

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And your question is? Are you asking for an English equivalent?

catracho(a) - Spanish Urban dictionary

chicano-same source

chicapoo-same source

I see that you have found the dictionary. The word chicapoo is not in the RAE dictionary. I would use the feedback link to make the request for addition to the dictionary. If the word is an offensive slur, however, they may refuse to add it.

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What is the root of this word?

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