Tener buen aspecto

Tener buen aspecto


I was with a class-mate the other day who was using the expression "Estar de buen aspecto" Not fully understanding this I looked it up on my return home. SD translation site gives TENER buen aspecto. Two questions, the translation of "he looks well" presumably means healthwise - could it also be used for well turned out, well dressed? Also is there an expression using Estar in this context?

Many thanks.

updated JUN 15, 2010
posted by caza

2 Answers


"Estar de buen aspecto"

It's just poor Spanish. You can either say:

Tener buen aspecto - esa persona tiene buen aspecto


Ser de buen aspecto - esa persona es de buen aspecto

Both mean the exact same thing: to look well.

updated JUN 15, 2010
posted by tamalmalamarrado

Hi Caza. I looked in three dictionaries and didn't get any examples of "estar" and "aspecto."

I got:

un hombre de aspecto saludable = a healthy-looking man

tener aspecto simpático = to look friendly

tener buen aspecto = to look well

tener mal aspecto = to look bad

updated JUN 15, 2010
posted by --Mariana--
Well I reckon to use Estar was incorrect in that case. Many thanks for looking for me. - caza, JUN 15, 2010
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