Can somebody help with translation

Can somebody help with translation



Saterday night I had huge missunderstanding with my girlfriend. I was waiting for her to pick her up. I send a message with the question when she could be ready. She send me this message back:

Ben por mi ya

I send her a message back that I did nog understand her message. She send me back:

Ben por mi

This I still could nog translate. After these message I thought she did not want me to pick her up. And well on her turn she thought I did not want to pick her up. Big missunderstanding and hudge panic but finaly a friend of her called me and I picked her up.

I only speak Dutch and English, she only Spanish. So communicating is difficult, alltough I try to learn Spanish, I could not translate her message. I hope somebody of you can.

Thank and see you. Gregor

updated JUN 14, 2010
posted by Gregor77

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It should read, "Ven por mi ya".

Ven por mi ya = Come for me now / Come to get me now

Ven por mi = Come for me / Come to get me

It is very common for native Spanish speakers to use "B" and "V" interchangeably as they pronounce these two sounds essentially identical.

Welcome to the forum! Hope this helps.

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posted by renaerules
Thanks for your help. - Gregor77, JUN 14, 2010

While I cannot say for sure it sounds likley that your message was a spoken request over the telephone and you wrote down what you thought you heard.

The sounds b and v are pronounced in an almost identical way in Spanish There is no word Ben in Spanish but there is a word ten which means = come it is in the imperative mood which means it is used as a command but for a friend

Ven por mi ya = Come for me now = come to get/collect me now ! ( ya literally = already but can also be used idiomatically to mean now ! )**

Sí, Gracias amiga Pájaro fue una pruebita por todos jajjajaja tongue wink

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posted by FELIZ77
Thanks for your help. I did not write it down but she did a sms bij phone. - Gregor77, JUN 14, 2010
Feliz77, I think you meant to say *ven* (familiar affirm. command for *to come*) and not *ten* (familiar affirm. command for *to have*). - Pajaro44, JUN 14, 2010
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