What is your favorite children's book in Spanish?

What is your favorite children's book in Spanish?


What is your favorite children's book in Spanish? Let me know. Currently, I am reading el gato ensombrerado y ¡Oh, cuán lejos llegarás!

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What do you mean by children's books? Picture books, short stories, chapter books or anything written for children?

I like reading children's short stories (a page or two long). I've been reading the Hans Christian Anderson stories on this site:

cuentos infantiles

Cody's Cuentos has a lot of these short stories for children.

Cuentos para Chicos is another site for short stories for children in English and Spanish.

It's a little nostalgic to be reading all of these children's stories over again.

alt text

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I have not read many Children's books in Spanish in my life but one favourite I have is the short children's story called: "La Tortuga Casandra" by José Francisco Viso. (3rd Edition) It is well written and full of humour in unexpected places. It says that it is for children from 6 years of age and upwards. This book is written for children who have been brought up with Spanish - not English - as their first language/native language. It is not recommended for beginners but people who have attained an intermediate level should have little/no difficulty in reading and understanding the words used.

= No he leído muchos libros para niños en Español en mi vida pero tengo un favorito que se llama: " La Tortuga Casandra por José Francisco Viso." (3.a edición) Es un libro bien escrito y con mucho humor en lugares inesperados. Dice que es para niños "a partir de 6 años". Este es un libro escrito para niños criaron en una familia con Español como su idioma nativa. No es nada recommendable para los novicios pero personas que ya han alcanzado el nivel intermedio deberían leer y entender sin dificilidad las palabras usado.

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I thought that "Los cuentos de la casa del arbol" was a good starter book (geared towards ages 4-8 which was perfect for my abilities at the time).

I also liked "Las aventuras de pinocho" (but this is probably because it was one of the first full length books I tried reading in Spanish). I checked this book out from my local library but later found out that there are several free versions like this one available on the internet as well.

This same site offers many other tales for children as well. Here is a link to the main page if you are interested:


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