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La situación política en Belgica


No sé si alguien ha oído o ha leído algo de la situación política en Belgica.

artículo en New York Times

Soy flamenco y no he votado por la Nueva Alianza Flamenca (N-VA), pero puedo entender los que lo han hecho. Desde hace años los partidos francófonos han bloqueado todo lo que TODO los partidos flamencos han preguntado (reformo etc.) Estoy seguro que un grand parte de los que han votado por la N-VA no son separatista. Pocos en flandes quieren que Belgica se separa. Lo único que piden es un reformo del país para tener un gobierno mas eficiente. Y eso TODO los partidos flamenco han pedido desde hace muchos años ! Espero que los francófonos ya lo han entendido.

¿Cómo la interpretan ustedes la situación política en Belgica?

(por favor corregid mi español)

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I don't think I know Spanish well enough to read this without an English translation. Can you put this in English? - Maria-Russell, NOV 26, 2010

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My corrections:

"Soy flamenco y no he votado por la Nueva Alianza Flamenca (N-VA), pero puedo entender a los que lo han hecho. Desde hace años los partidos francófonos han bloqueado todo lo que los partidos flamencos han solicitado (reforma). Estoy seguro que una gran parte de los que han votado por la N-VA no son separatistas. Pocos en Flandes quieren que Bélgica se separe. Lo único que piden es una reforma del país para tener un gobierno más eficiente. Y eso es todo lo que los partidos flamencos han pedido desde hace muchos años. Espero que los francófonos ya lo hayan entendido.

¿Cómo interpretan ustedes la situación política en Belgica?"

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Belgium has more entrenched differences than California. Flanders and Walloon are divided by language (which I guess makes this slightly more relevant). Flanders speaks Flemish and Walloon speak French. In Flanders people are richer and don’t like to support the Walloons, and they don’t like the fact that their children are taught how to speak French in school, but Wallonian children aren’t taught Flemish in their schools. I suppose the equivalent would be to tag on the Tijuana region of Mexico to California, and start teaching Californians how to speak Spanish, (I don’t see any negatives in that but they would) and ask Californians to pay for healthcare and education for the Mexicans.

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Things may not be perfect, but Canada has 2 and Switzerland seems to do ok with 3 so I have to discount the language idea. Not saying it isn't to be considered, just not grounds for more governments. - LateToDinner, JUN 20, 2010

Here is my English translation of the situation:

I do not know if anyone has heard or read something about the political situation in Belgium.

I am Flamenco and I have not voted for the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA), but I can understand those who have. For years the French-speaking parties have blocked everything the Flemish parties have asked (reformed etc.) I'm sure a large part of those who voted for the N-VA is not separatist. Few in Flanders, Belgium want succession. All they want is a reform in the country to have a more efficient government. And that is ALL of the Flemish parties have called for many years! I hope that Francophones have already understood.

How do you interpret the political situation in Belgium?

I believe that the situation is very dangerous and could lead to a movement of Balkanizations throughout Europe. In Spain there are still strong separatist feelings in the Basque Country and Catalonia that concern me greatly.

In Pennsylvania, U.S.A., we have over 2,000 units of local government and the power is at the local level. I served as a borough council member for eight years. The sacrifices I made for public service were enormous. In Maryland, where we own a vacation property, the smallest unit of local government is the county. The local communities do not exist as political entities. The population does not get and does not expect the same level of service Pennsylvanians get.

People want their road plowed in the winter and for their government to answer their questions in a timely and accurate manner. People want a responsive government, but they don't want to pay for it. The way Pennsylvania makes it work is to rely on local borough and city council members who are paid very little money ($2,000/year) to represent them.

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I can't answer in Spanish (yet. And I should be studying instead of typing.) And I can't address Belgica specifically. So you are welcome to ignore this altogether. But there have been several similar movements to split up California and I am opposed.

Governments don't tend to make money, they tend to spend it. And to have it to spend, they have to take it from somewhere or someone or many someones. Taxes on your wages, taxes on your property after you bought it with what was left of what you earned after they taxed that. Sales tax, value added tax, income tax ...ad infinitum.

You could put 16 Belgiums into the space of California. Let's see ... 15 more govenors, 15 more state capitols, 15 more govenors's staffs. Next there will be 16 debates over what will be each new state's official language?

With Belgium's motto: Eendracht maakt macht, I hope they can find a better way to resolve their issues.

But if California ever succombs, I couldn't afford it.

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Como persona que vive muy cerca de tu país en Luxemburgo, estoy pesimista sobre la situación en Bélgica. Hasta ahora, alrededor de 150 días sin gobierno, y la ultima vez en 2007, mas de 300 dias.

Es una situación que no se puede continuar así.

El sistema de gobernanza actual en Bélgica es muy ineficaz, con 3 regiones distintas y 3 comunidades lingüísticas. En un país tan pequeño. Siempre disputas entre los dos lados (francofonos y neerlandofonos).

Ustedes dicen que no quieren la separación, pero la situación en este momento es disfuncional. Estoy de acuerdo contigo...... un gran reformo es necesario pronto.

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