Please check my work with reflexive verbs

Please check my work with reflexive verbs


Hi, Im going to type a paragraph in Spanish and ask you if I chose the right option.

mis padres 1.( levantan/se levantan) a las seis todos los dias. mientras (while) mi padre 2.(prepara/se prepara) para ir al trabajo, mi madre va a la cocina, 3.(lava/se lava) las manos y 4.(prepara/se prepara) el desayuna para la familia. mi hermano menor y yo. 5(levantamos/nos levantamos) a las siete. Mientras mama y yo. 6(vestimos/nos vestimos), papa 7. ( viste/se viste) a mi hermano. Despues del desayuno, mama *.( lava/se lava) los platos rapidamente mientras mi hermano y yo. 9.( lavamos/nos lavamos) los dientes anes de salir de las casa

1.) se levantan, they wash themselves they don't 'wash' 2. prepara she prepares it for work, not HERSELF 3.)se lava, she washes HER hands 4.) prepara, she prepares FOR the family, not HERself 5.) nos levantamos, they 'lift' themselves UP 6.) nos vestimos, they dress THEMSELVES they don't 'dress' 7.) viste, he 'dresseds the brother, not himself 8.)lava, she cleans the dishes, she dones't clean herself. 9.) nos lavamos, we clean OUR teeth

if i get an answer wrong please write a brief 'why' i got it wrongstrong text

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1) se levantan...they get up, you are thinking about se lavan...they wash themselves

2) whether it is prepara or se prepara depends on whether he is getting himself ready, or tidying the house, etc. to prepare to go to work.

nos levantamos=we get up (not they)

nos vestimos=we get dressed (again; not they)

You seem to understand the lesson's purpose. When the subject is the doer and receiver of the verb's action you use the reflexive pronoun. When something/someone other than the subject receives the verb's action you do not use the reflexive pronoun.

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