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expresion: "cara de perro"


¡Hola! Quién sabe que significa la expresión "cara de perro". El contexto es: "No entiendo su actitud. Nadie le pidió que viniera y, sin embargo, se pasó toda la tarde con cara de perro.

updated JUN 13, 2010
posted by HugoMartinez

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Es alguien con cara mala o hostil

It's someone with a mean or angry face

updated JUN 13, 2010
posted by Goyo

This is only a guess!

con cara de perro = with the face of a dog/with a dog's face (as in how the person appears)

cara = face

And, cara, in my dictionary seems to be used quite often in expressions of how someone appears.

For example: "tiene cara de pocos amigos" = "he/she/you doesn't/don't look very friendly"

Another example: "tiene cara de preocupación/alegría" = "he/she/you looks/look worried/happy"

updated JUN 13, 2010
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